Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So you wanna kick my a$$...

...well bring it on baby...I am soooo ready.  That's exactly what I would say to Bob and Jillian if they were at my gym tonight.  I am laying the smack down.  I'm am going the distance now so lookout...I'm going to knock you into the next postal code...lol.  Oh yeah...I did three miles today in under an hour on the track and I feel awesome.  After my little hiatus from the gym, it was a major victory to get out on that track and walk/jog without crying like a school girl.  Bring it on Bobby-Lou!  Now I'm willing to bet you're wondering where all this bravado has surfaced from...well...my fill today has taken me to where every woman (and man) bandster wants to go...the Sweet Spot Drive-In.  At least so far it's looking like this was the magic fill I needed to get good restriction.  Yes, it's a little early to judge but I can say this is the first time I have not felt hungry all day!  Woo, woo!  Oh thank you God! 
I had a grande skinny caramel latte for lunch today and a cup of pasta with tomato sauce for dinner.  I chewed the pasta until it was really a tomato soup puree.  I didn't know pasta tasted so good.  Having usually inhaled it in past, it was interesting to see that I could enjoy just a small amount and feel more than satisfied.  I chose not to eat soup for dinner as I don't really like prepared soups so why waste my daily calories on something I don't enjoy.  I am learning to eat for the rest of my lifetime not for some diet that will fall by the wayside like so many others.  Today, as I worked out at the gym, I felt truly grateful.  I am so grateful to have this opportunity and to be able to learn and share from all my fellow bandsters.  This blog community has made all the difference to me.  I am going forward now to lose my excess weight, get to goal and hopefully inspire a few people along the way.  

Tomorrow more mushies and then we'll really start to see how this fill (which has brought me to 8cc in a 14cc band...proof that everyone is very different in how much restriction they feel with different amounts in their band) works.  Finally...I finally feel like I am moving forward now.  It sure took a while to get here (4 months) but I think my patience is about to pay off!

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