Thursday, April 8, 2010

My stats should look better...

...soon I hope.  I have to figure them out and share with y'all.  I am very hopeful now that my fill this past Tuesday seems to have taken me (finally!) to a good level of restriction, I will be able to post some respectable numbers.  Oh my about getting out of the gate late.  I feel really excited now that I can use my band in the way it was meant to be used.  Truly, without this level of restriction, it is hard to eat less and feel fine.  I now feel like I can eat a cup of food and be very satisfied without feeling hungry in an hour or so.  I know I read about this from my fellow, more experienced bandsters, but I didn't realize it would be this good.  No wonder they call it the Sweet's better than a three scoop ice cream cone!  I am not even thinking about eating throughout the day...very wasn't that long ago that a lot of my thoughts were about food.  The band definitely affects your brain.  Though they don't fully understand it yet, there is definitely a pathway of communication between the degree of restriction (amount of expansion of the pseudo stomach pouch) and the hypothalamus in the brain where our satiety is registered.  I have a feeling, this cellular communication is quite a bit more complex than we know.  Hmm...I should apply for a research grant in this area...what do you think?  Okay, I got off track there for a's late and I'm exhausted.  All in all...I am loving every minute of this now.  Patience does pay off.  Yipee!!

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