Friday, April 9, 2010

Is my comment section working?

Bandster buddies, is my comment section working?  Or do my posts really stink lately?  It's okay, you can be honest with me.  It seems as though ever since I tried changing my blog appearance a while back (only to find it didn't work that well), I haven't been getting many comments.  Is there something wrong when you try to comment?  Or do I need to get more sleep, drink a little less coffee and come up with much better post material?

As a side note, I had a very interesting day today.  My band was particularly tight.  I had a business meeting with a colleague I don't see very often and I am certain he went away thinking I had some kind of eating disorder as I could only down three or four forkfuls of my  The last time we had lunch together, I think I ate a  burger and caesar salad.  Before I worried people thought I ate too much, now I'm concerned they'll think I'm not eating that's funny!  I am definitely not complaining though...I complained enough these last three months waiting for something to start happening with this band.  No, definitely not complaining, dropping to my knees and thanking God restriction finally showed up yes, complaining no.  Ah...this journey with this crazy band is a most eventful one indeed.


Sandy Lee said...

I am testing your comments and will post another one if this works.

We can't reach your the verification word and then the submit button. Maybe revert back to one of the standard blog layouts for a bit. Not sure it this will go through. I had to use a bunch of extra tab strokes to get to the verification.

Sandy Lee said...

Seems like the comment section isn't displaying right. I have to tab a few times to get to the verification box and repeat a few more tabs to get to the submit.

Just want to say, we read your posts so keep it up. They don't suck. The comments section does thought so see if you can get it fixed.

Amy said...

testing testing

Amy said...

I used sandy's way and was able to tab to the word verification box, but without that, i can't even see it! I'd try going back to a standard template and see if that fixes it!

MISSED YOU! And congrats on the restriction - I feel the exact same way - figured people thought I was eating too much, now eating too little!

Linda said...

I tried so hard to leave you a comment last week but couldn't do it. So it's not you - like everyone said we can't get to the sumbit box after word verification. If you don't want to change your layout you can choose to remove the word verification.

I'm happy you're feeling restriction!

Elliana said...

Thank you so much! I will try and fix this by switching to a different template style on the blogger options. Have to head into work today but should be up and running again tomorrow. I really appreciate your coming to my aid!