Sunday, February 27, 2011

To be, or not to be...

It's been a month already since my last post...shame, shame, shame...fifty sit-ups for me!  Okay, it has been a bit busy to say the least but I could have blogged instead of watching TV one night a week.  No more excuses.  I need to stay in touch with my blogger buddies.  I have to say how much I appreciated the comments on my last blog.  You guys are goood!

So why am I soooo excited...I think I'm pregnant!  Now I can't be sure yet but I seem to be experiencing some of the same things I did with my first pregnancy.  I am three days away from when my cycle should start again and I have been having very sensitive breasts with sharp, shooting sensations.  I have felt so tired in the run over by a Mach truck tired...for the last three nights.  Even more interesting is the feeling of's like I'm on something really good...  I took a home pregnancy test yesterday but it read negative.  It's possible I'm not pregnant, but it may also be my Hcg levels aren't high enough yet to detect with a home test.  So I am going to have a blood test on Wednesday.  Please say a prayer for me.

I do want to say that deciding to have the band has made a huge difference in my opportunity to add to our family.  Losing 50 lbs has improved  my chances of  having a second child at nearly forty years old by least ten fold.   Working with the band and making positive lifestyle changes, has made a dramatic difference in my life.  I know that this next pregnancy (hopefully I'm already there) will be so incredibly amazing because I took the time and care to look after myself.  If anyone else out there is pregnant or trying to get pregnant, I would love to hear your thoughts.  I would love to hear your comments even if your