Monday, April 5, 2010

Does your cup runeth over?

Well...if it does you should definitely invest in a better fitting bra.  Bra sizing is an art.  Few understand it, even fewer abide by it and the rest of us just take about 20 of the darn rascals (ranging is sizes from plus or minus 2 cups) into the fitting room and pray at least one or two will fit. Okay, I lucked out and found three that did and they were all on sale!  A victory akin to winning a gold medal in swimming with one's legs duct taped together. 

I wonder what size I will be when I have reached goal?  What will I do with all the bras of various sizes that I have from along the way?  Perhaps I could string them together and offer them up to car lot as interesting garland.  Now that would attract attention from passers by.  Of those beloved bloggers who are near goal, how much on average would you say bra size changes?

Now I digress...tomorrow is my fifth fill appointment and I am praying that it puts me right at my sweet spot.  I am close, I think, but I can still eat a fair bit and I have really been struggling to keep the hunger at bay.  In fact, with all the stress in my life lately (which I am managing much better now), I have not been able to lose any weight at all.  My exercise has been inconsistent, partly because of me and partly because of too many committments.  I have been off and on with my eating too.  Some days I follow the band rules and others, I almost forget I even have one.  This situation definitely needs work.  A lot of the work has to come from me.  I know the band can't do it all for me, but dear God, could I just get a little more help from it... 

I will keep you posted...I am hopeful things will take a new direction soon.  Tomorrow would be good :-)


THE DASH! said...

Man, I want those boobs. They look awesome!! I also have a lot of bras I can't use now - I have gone down from a size (and this is Aussie sizing) 22DD (FREAKING EEK! lol) to a 16E. But I think another change is a-coming. Those ones are too big now.

Lynn said...

Hang in there- you'll get some restriction soon. I know how frustrating it can be, but sometimes it doesn't really matter how much saline we have. Hormones, stress and all sorts of things can effect your restriction. So, right when you think you're perfect, you can eat a small horse the next day. This is why the band is merely a tool- and just like a carpenter- we have to learn how to handle it professionally to achieve a job well done. It will take some time, but you'll (we'll!) figure it out with time.

I have already gone down a size as well, so instead of a DD, I am a D and already looking like I could use a C! I hope I am not completely flat chested by the time I reach goal. ;)

Kinzie said...

This fill should do it for you! Crossing my fingers.