Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lemonade anyone?

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. There's a lot of truth to this saying. This week was a bit tumultuous to say the least. Particularly at work, things were planned one way and ended up going another. It felt like I was on some kind of magic carpet ride and no one seemed to know where it would land. So what did I do...I took out my pitcher, collected all the lemons and proceeded to make lemonade.
Gotta have gumption. Just like with my band. Only two fills so far and not much in the way of restriction but I am rolling with it. I am quite happy that I didn't croak somewhere along the way on my three run/walks this week. Imagine, some poor soul opens their front door to pick up the morning paper and there I am gasping out my last breath..."can you call my doctor for me and tell him I may be a bit late for my fill". I also worked on eating only when hungry and making sure I took home half of whatever I ordered while out. I am working on the water. I did break down and buy a bottle of Callipso lemonade (no preservatives) to enjoy after one of my workouts at the gym. So I indulged a little...but I made the conscious choice to do it unlike so many other times when I would just eat or drink without any thought to the nutritional value of what I was consuming. All in all, not a bad week.
I would really like to hit my sweet spot soon. It seems like I won't be able to get fills more than once a month and that's a bit disheartening when I want to fly on all four engines...NOW! My surgeon is a bit conservative to say the least. Maybe I could rig up a home fill kit and do it myself...what do you think? Would it be wrong to take him hostage? Lol...seriously though...What did/do you do to lose weight while you were/are still in "bandster hell"?


Girl Bandit said...

it sounds like you made the best of an average week. I have no real ideas of what to do with regards to no restriction...I just try to make nutritous choices all the time. Instead of crackers with hommous I have vegie sticks, fruit with yogurt etc...if I feel like a little treat then that is ok too. I am sure a second pregnacy would be loads easier with less weight. There is a blog by Banditblossum who is now 21 wks pregnant and doing really well....that might help you. Good luck

THE DASH! said...

Lol as usual you make me laugh - the doc comment about the fill had me shooting coffee out my nose!
Bandster hell - gosh, I have to think back. I think I was just so determined I stuck to only the amount of food I was supposed to. I might have to go back and look for myself what I said when I was going through it. I sound too Pollyanna to have been good all the time - but I'm sure I did lose weight. Will report back :)