Monday, February 8, 2010

Catch the wave and go for it.

Feeling like I caught the perfect wave today.

After weighing in officially for the week and discovering that I have maintained the same weight for the last 8 weeks, I felt a sudden urgency to hop on board and catch the next biggest wave to carry me to my goal. I may not have restriction yet but I do have my own personal commitment to achieving my goals. While the last two months have been a kind of floundering around to figure out what this band is all about, it doesn't mean I have to keep hanging out in this holding pattern.

I am moving forward now and fast. I cut back my eating, I cranked out a 90 minute workout at the gym (both weights and cardio) and I dropped the "waiting around" attitude. I am taking charge of my success and I am going to make this band work for me the way I want it to. Tomorrow I check my schedule at work and Mr. Surgeon Man is going to get a good talking to. I don't expect the band to do this for me but for goodness sake what was the point of going through all this if it's been two and half months and it's still not helping me yet. No way, I am not sitting back and letting someone else control my success. It's time to surf standing up on my own two feet! (Now that's the spunk that gets

So it's all good. I am taking control of my journey and I am going to move in the right direction now. It feels good to get this off my chest. I was feeling quite anxious, stressed, upset, disillusioned, unfocused and down about all of this "non progress" with my band situation. After taking control today, I finally feel better. Surf's up and I'm hopping on my board!


workinprogress said...

You go Gidget!!!


Dinnerland said...

Good for you!! Sounds like it is time for the next fill so you can get more restriction. I am right behind you-- and a bit tense for my FIRST fill. 5 Weeks out of surgery and my weight is bouncing around the scale and a bummer.
Overall: I believe it does take awhile to get the right fill (the sweet spot) and then you'll be well on your way. Easy to say have patience, tough to act it out.

Girl Bandit said...

Good for you...Let us know what the surgeon says....and way to stay strong :)

Gen said...

Hey Elliana, that is a great attitude. The most important thing you can do is get a decent fill level - no baby fills - and stay on it until you are where you need to be. Once you get your restriction right, the rest will fall into place. It took me 3 months and up to 6 ccs to get going - stand up to your surgeon and get what you need!

JustLynda said...

Now that's an inspiring post!

Amy said...

You and me, girlfriend. I just got my third fill and am ready to hit it hard! 2.5 months later, I'm still down more than 30 lbs...but I want to hit that magic 50 soon!