Thursday, February 4, 2010

Considering getting pregnant...

After the latest news highlighting the fact that women have only 12% of their eggs left at 30 and only 3% left at 40, I have starting wondering about when to consider another pregnancy. I haven't discussed it with my lap band doctor as I had sort of put it aside for awhile as I really want to lose enough weight that I could have an "easier" pregnancy. It's not as if my first was difficult during, but the aftermath of joint laxity wasn't so much fun. The extra weight contributed to my pain and difficulty with my joints. So I am now wondering what other people's doctors have said to them regarding getting pregnant after the band. Is there a time frame that is best to wait before starting to try? Does the fill have to be removed entirely? I would be very curious to hear what everyone has to say.


Dinnerland said...

No idea, honey! Personally: I haven't discussed this with my doc-- I'm done having babies (just have 1 and that is enough...) but I wanted to check in and say hello and congratulate you on your progress so far!

Linda said...

I know mine recommends 16 months to make sure weight loss is stabilized, but I think if I got pregnant tomorrow they'd be OK with it. We're considering having another and I kind of have this fall in the back of my head to start trying. That would actually put me at about 16 months and hopefully at goal. I already weight less than when I had my daughter so that's cool.
Good luck with your decision. The big 40 just kind of starts looming doesn't it? :)

Amy said...

Check out - she's banded and pregnant. Although she's at goal and much further along in her journey, but she'd at least be able to tell you about the unfilling and such.

Good luck with whatever you decide!!!


Heather said...

I want to get pregnant and am 35. I was shocked by your stats. i hadn't read that even when you're g 30 you only have 12%! what!?!? I thought 35 was the magic number.

So I'll give you a quick sum up of my experience. My OB has been super eager for me to get pregnant because to her the age was a much bigger factor than the weight. She even said if you are eating well, you can lose weight while being pregnant. controversial in some ways i'm sure. I had the port placed in a certain way during surgery knowing i'd get pregnant, and at the time my dr at NYU said it'd be about 1 year til pregnancy was recommended but she said that varies. So yesterday, i asked her again, it's been 6 months, and i've lost 35pounds, and she said it's fine, go ahead and try! I had told her my OB had concerns about my age and she seemed to agree. We may wait a few months but i'm going to try!

good luck!


Gen said...

It is true that 35 seems to be the magic number for trying to get pregnant. But things are not as dire as those statistics suggest. First of all, it only takes one egg to get pregnant! If you are ovulating every month, what difference does it make how many eggs you have left? Of course there are fewer eggs, you've been releasing them since you were 12 or whatever!

From what I recall, in your early 30s you have a 75% chance of getting pregnant within a year, and in your late 30s you have a 65% chance. So better than 50/50!

I have had 4 babies, and age was never a factor for me, even though my last was born when I was 39. It went like this: first baby took 3 months to conceive at age 29. Second took 1 month, age 30. Third took 1 month, age 32. Fourth took not just one month, but ONE TRY at age 39! LOL. The babies got easier and easier to conceive because I had the timing down to an exact science. ;)

It is very individual. I am also extremely lucky to have had no miscarriages. I think if you look at your family history you might get some clues - did your mom or grandmother have children late? How many? Any miscarriages? In my family, pregnancies came very easily, including into the 40s, and few miscarriages. Others are not so lucky, and you never know until you try!

So, I would say start soon. BUT you are only a couple months banded. Definitely give it another few months to lose more weight. While I had no problems getting pregnant at 39, I did have more problems with borderline gestational diabetes, hypertension, etc. The risks of these complications are lower when you are at a healthier weight. The whole thing is just easier, really.

Good luck to you, there's nothing more fun than making babies!!!

Nicole said...

I know every surgeon is different, I discussed this with them. They say wait a year, and I asked amd I waiting a year because of physical reasons or weight loss. My NP said because of WL.At my surgeons as soon as you find out they take all the fill out, but every Dr is different! Good luck

TracyZ said...

I got my band in order to get pregnant...the docs told me that my weight was the only reason I wasn't getting pregnant.

When explaining this to the surgeon they requested I wait 18 months post-op to being trying. They said it would not be a disaster if I got pregnant before that point, but that it would be the safest time to try for both me and the baby.

I am counting the months! 16 left ;)

Elliana said...

Thank you so much everyone. I really appreciated each of your comments. They are helping me put this into perspective. I am feeling better today about waiting a while before considering getting pregnant. I think the statistics just rattled me a bit. I am going to take some time this weekend to think about all great points you have highlighted for me and will decide what approach to take. Thanks again for your very kind replies. The support of this band community never ceases to amaze me.

Kristin said...

Hi Elliana, this is my first time reading your blog. I was banded on 1.4.10 so I don't have a lot of band experience but I've had three babies and four pregnancies (miscarriage @ 12 weeks) so I know a few things about that. While you're waiting to lose a little more, I'd suggest making sure you're taking good prenatal vitamins starting NOW. Getting enough folic acid BEFORE you get pregnant vastly reduces the chance that your baby will have spina bifida and similar diseases. I'd also buy an ovulation kit and find out when you ovulate each month. Get familiar with your cycle, how it works, what day you typically ovulate, etc. There's a great book called Take Charge of your Fertility that explains all kinds of things I had no idea about. If you prepare by knowing your cycle, getting up to date on your immunizations and taking vitamins, you'll be in great shape to get pregnant when you start trying. GOOD LUCK!

The Former Fat Girl said...

Hi there lady ! Wow you're post couldnt have come at a better time since the hubby and I just had the baby talk yesterday !! About to turn 32 this month so the consensus is gotta get a move on this. My surgeon states to wait 16 months post band only for the reason of all the rapid weight loss would be unhealthy for the pregnancy and I also think they unfill you to allow you to get in your needed nutrition but this might be a case by case basis also. I'm hoping to hit goal by the year and then go off the pill and see what happens. Also thinking about trying oviwatch. It's an ovulation predictor method that seems to be very accurate, my BFF got pregnant after 2 months on the oviwatch when they had been trying for a year without prior to that so google it and see if it's something you might consider.

LOL sounds like next year will be a baby boom on the blogs !!! LOL

gary andrew said...

Getting pregnant was never a problem from having a baby. In fact, there are few cases that had undergone gastric lap band for them to have their babies. Also, it depends on how your body reacts on the band. So better if you consult with your band doctor about this matter.