Monday, February 1, 2010

Running my race

Today I ran.'s true...and it wasn't the first time this year either. I did a few warm up run/walks this last month and now I am off and running. I am following a 5K training program with the goal in mind of running a 5K on Good Friday April 2nd. It's an 8 week program very much like a 10K one I did a number of years ago. Easy to follow and very motivating. I ran outside despite the light rain which almost deterred me from going but I didn't feel like working out inside so I went. It felt great to be outdoors, breathing in the fresh air and taking in nature. Dare I say I found it peaceful. With the light rain there seemed to be a sense of renewal. A cleansing of the old and a heralding of the new. Not unlike how I was feeling about my journey to a healthy body weight and a positive lifestyle. I got back home and felt like an athlete that had just finished a great race...I was so happy and full of vigor.
I have to say that I am amazed that I have come this far. It is a huge step forward mentally for me to even think about being back in the kind of shape I once was. I have even started dreaming of myself as that girl. It's so weird to think that even in my sleep, I am changing. So during the times when I am not feeling so positive (i.e. the scale is not reflecting the changes I want to see), I am going to hang onto this feeling of renewal and I will know that I will indeed cross the finish line and complete my personal race.