Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I need some help...

I just fell out of my glass coach because it turned into a pumpkin and now I can't even walk home because I'm missing one glass slipper. Things were going along pretty good, not perfect (don't even know what that is because it seems like I don't have anyone near to ask if what's happening is normal), but that changed. Several things happened that made me feel like Cinderella did when the ball was over and she went back to her rags.

1. I got on the scale and it said that I've GAINED seven pounds...what the *&%$#

2. I can't eat much for breakfast but at lunch I can eat a huge fajita salad

3. I got stuck, then PB'd for the first time after only a few bites of dinner...what the *&%$#

4. An hour after dinner, I had no problem eating a caramel pecan chocolate

5. I am starting to worry about my hair falling out...there seemed to be a lot on the brush today

6. I seem to be craving sweets and God knows they're everywhere at work....arrggghhhh!!!

7. I am still sick with this stupid cold and feel like cr*p

8. I noticed tonight that one of my wounds is red and weeping at one side...double cr*p

9. I still haven't been able to exercise between healing from surgery and being sick

I feel lost. I am frustrated and tired of trying to do this right when I don't really know what right is at the moment. I need some help...


Amy said...

1. I gained 4 lbs last week. It's NORMAL. Frustrating but normal. Your body is still recovering from the trauma of surgery and adjusting to this new way of life.

2. Sorry - I have NO restriction at all. But I hear it's normal to be tighter in the AM. I've heard a warm drink can sometimes loosen the band.

3. Ugh. Sorry. Again, I have no restriction. But remember the rules - chew, chew, chew very small bites. And use lots of sauce!

4. From what I understand, sweets will go down no problem all. the. time.

5. Again, perfectly normal. It'll get better once our bodies are used to what we're doing to them!

6. Have a cup of coffee or sugar-free hot cocoa. That often helps with my sweets cravings!

7. Sorry about still being sick. That totally sucks and is UNFAIR!

8. Call your doc. You don't want it to turn into a big infection.

9. No worries on exercise. I figure the first 6 weeks after surgery are 'free' time. In fact, I was told no exercise other than walking until 6 weeks.

Hang in there. We are in bandster hell and it will get better. Just dig deep and find your inner Cinderella - I know she's in there!

Your banding sister,


Nicole said...

sorry to hear :(
If you want something yummy have you tried a skinny cow dessert or weight watchers?? low in calorie and still dessert.
Are you eating 60grams of protein?? that is supposed to help with hair loss, every day 60 grams of protein. My surgeon had us on a 6 week walking plan.

jennyr1222 said...

Ugh Elliana, sorry you're having such a tough time. I've found that if I keep a bag of york peppermint patties in the freezer, I can't get into trouble. I have two max and then I can't eat anymore, just too minty. Also, since they're frozen, they take longer to eat. Hang in there and blog about it. Get back to basics, and make sure you're following the "rules". xoxo

loosing in 2009 said...

I have a major sweet tooth as well. I love those Werther's sugar free candies and they taste good and seem to help that sweet craving. I keep them in my purse and when i want something bad, I pop one in my mouth, even if it's not exactly what i wanted and the sweet craving usually goes away.

Elliana said...

Thank you so much for your kind words and great ideas. I think this darn cold got the better of me and I was just having a really tough day. I appreciate the help and will put all these ideas into good use.