Monday, December 7, 2009

No chocolate mousse...

Had a fantastic time last night at the Christmas party. Yes, the one I was so worried about pre-band thinking that I wouldn't be able to eat anything except the soup and everyone would start wondering why I wasn't eating. Funny the things you worry about when you don't know what it will be like for you with a band. I am 10 days post banding now and I felt great last night. I ate a little of everything and even had some wine. I probably ate a bit too much of the main course but it was so good. I felt quite full and couldn't touch the chocolate mousse. Not a bad thing though as it had no nutritional value and I couldn't fit it into my evening bag. The wine however was medicinal. It was almost an eye opening experience to go to a party and not be particularly concerned about the food, the calories, overeating, etc. I just relaxed, talked to people, shared stories at the dinner table, took avid interest in what others were saying and I really, really enjoyed myself. I put my utensils between bites, I drank my glass of wine before dinner and not during, and I listened to my stomach when it said "I'm full, please stop now". Though I am not feeling terribly restricted, the loss of interest in overeating seems to be persisting. What a blessing.

I also had a major NSV when one of my coworkers sought me out specifically to say how impressed she is with how much weight I've lost. She said she could really see the difference. What a lovely compliment. I felt like a million dollars when I got dressed earlier in the evening and my shoes felt more comfortable (I haven't worn that pair for over a year). Feet lose weight too, what do you know? One day soon I am going to walk into my closet and say "Alright fat shoes it's time to hit the road! Then I'll start tossing them out the window...maybe a shoe tree will grow where they

I can't wait to start working out at the gym again. I think I can probably start doing weights in the New Year (one month post op...I'll have to check with the nurse). I am going to give this cold a chance to go away completely and then I'll get back to my walking. I have set a goal for myself to run the first 5K of a 10K run that happens in April. I will start my training program in January. I may see if there's a local running clinic for it. It might help to have some other people to train with.

I am so happy. I really love what I have chosen to do for myself. My "self" really deserves this and I am proud to be taking these steps toward my goal. I really hope that the people who are so kind to be following my blog, are sharing in this feeling of heartfelt joy. I wish everyone continued successes.

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The Dash! said...

lol I love your sense of humor - to 'I couldn't take the mousse home in my bag,' to throwing out those 'fat' shoes only to grow a shoe tree. Wouldn't that be something?
You know one of the most fascinating things I found too was losing weight on the feet. Well, maybe we don't actually lose it but we lose the puffiness etc that comes with being bigger and wearing killer shoes again becomes such pleasure. More shoe shopping anyone?