Friday, December 11, 2009

Hello all, it's me should hear my I am feeling waaaayyyy better and aside from a very sexy voice and the occasional cough you wouldn't know I was ever sick. First off, I would like to thank those that replied to my cry for help. I was having a pretty rough day and your thoughts and ideas really helped me. So now, I am utterly excited about the good things to come.
Christmas is quickly approaching and I am absolutely thrilled! I love Christmas! It is a wonderful celebration and it's joy and promise fills my heart every year. I know a lot of people get wrapped (nice pun) up in the commercialism of it but I believe it is important to take time during this season to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. This time is a reminder to me to look around and really see the people in my life. To extend a kindness, a helping hand, a comforting word to all those I encounter. It reminds me that all the good fortune in my life is a blessing and it is up to me to share that blessing with others. Giving to others fills my heart with a sense of purpose. It allows me to share in the lives of others and better appreciate my own life.
Last Christmas was one of great joy and great sorrow. The great joy was the birth of my son shortly before and the great sorrow was the loss of my mom-in-law to ovarian cancer. In the span of one week, I felt both extremes of human happiness and sadness. This time highlighted the true meaning of life. To give of love unconditionally and to celebrate that love in everything you do. This Christmas is a very special one for me, it carries forth all the joy, love and laughter of life into the new year. May it be most blessed and joyful for all.


The Former Fat Girl said...

Elliana, that is such a beautiful post with such beautiful emotions that most of us sometime forget !! You are so right it is soo easy to get wrapped up in the wrong things and forget about all the little things that really make this time of year so special. Hope you're feeling better !!

Kinzie said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing.