Friday, November 20, 2009

The first 10 pounds.

Wow! I am so amazed. I have lost 10 pounds! I couldn't believe it when I stepped on the scale yesterday. I even got on and off just to be sure. I had thought my clothes and shoes were feeling looser than usual. Even while walking to work the other day, I noticed I seemed to be stepping lighter. This is like some intoxicating bottle of seven year old cabernet sauvignon...I just want to keeping drinking this up. I love how this feels. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to be losing weight. I am so looking forward to this adventure ahead. I have been visualizing different milestones and I can't wait to really get going. Five more days and I am on my way.

On a funny note. My colleagues keep hinting at wanting to know why I am taking a week off during a very busy time of year. I had told them I was having surgery but that it was no big deal and I would be fine. Recently though, I have been joking that I'm going on a medical vacation and getting breast enlargement at a year end sale price. It's actually quite fascinating how some people just need to know what you are doing.

I am wondering how I am going to handle the two Christmas parties coming up, seeing as I am hosting one and it's an expensive sit down dinner with multiple courses. It's going to be tricky explaining why I am only eating a tiny portion. I will still be eating mostly mushies then. Not sure what to do. Should I phone the chef and have my meal prepared differently or just try and move the food around and possibly hop it over to my husband's plate? I could feign getting over a bout of food poisoning but I think that's a bit too much drama. I feel like a soap opera diva hiding the fact that the baby I'm carrying isn't Luke's.

All in all though, life is good. In fact, it's fantastic. I am happy.


Heather said...

Congrats on taking such a major step. I'm so happy that I got my band. Many surgeons also repair hiatal hernias during surgery. I wish I'd known that in advance because i would've just told people that. I did end up having a hiatal hernia repaired, so I told people after the fact that was what I had done and they were of course asking, why so secretive beforehand. It was hard just not saying why I was having surgery. most people I told nothing, but some I had to talk to to get the time off.

The Dash! said...

Hey there,
First up, thanks for following my blog - always cool to see a new face. How exciting is all this - you are so close to the banding surgery now it's just a matter of days.
If you have read anything of my blog you will know I both love (and hate sometimes lol) my band but the positives far, far outweigh the negatives and I'm pumped for you starting this new way of life.
Not sure what you can do while on mushies and eating out. I just know I avoided situations like this like the plague when first banded but poor you, you're doing it at xmas time. Just do what feels right I guess. (Either of the options you mentioned sounds ok.. though I hear people are usually so busy with their own meal they don't usually notice how much another person is consuming.
Looking forward to more posts :)