Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday fun night...let's get the party started...

Okay, the title is a teaser. There's no party at our house tonight, other than say my hubby renting some movies to watch after our little demolition man has gone to bed. I am feeling quite good today. Still a bit sore on and off but nothing too remarkable. I have been a bit tired though. I am wondering if it's from the lack of calories or just the natural aftermath of having surgery. It's all a bit weird. I am not hungry but I wonder whether I should be eating something anyway. I am still on the clear fluids, but I wonder if I should make more of an effort. I feel full even just drinking a cup of tea. Very, very strange. Is this what it feels like later on? The restriction? I have also had the urge to burp a few times but sometimes nothing comes up. I guess there is still a lot of the carbon dioxide gas left that they use to inflate the abdomen. Nice thought, it's kind of like hooking your belly up with a garden hose to the exhaust of a pickup truck...I think I saw that in a

I am very, very happy that I chose this for myself. I keep imagining what it will be like to walk into the boot camp class at the gym and be able to keep up with the group. That's a little ways out from here, maybe at 40lbs down, but I can hardly wait. There are a lot of things I am looking forward to being able to do again, including running. One of the ladies (Jenny) suggested getting a group together to run a half marathon at Disneyland and ever since I have been thinking about all the possibilities this journey will present me. It feels so good to truly believe that yes, I will lose weight and I will attain my goals. I imagine it must be the best feeling in the world to try on clothes that haven't fit for years and to find that they now do. Amazing...this journey is going to be truly amazing. I am so psyched! I would love to hear what some of the most amazing moments were for some as they progressed along their path.


The Dash! said...

This is exactly what true restriction feels like. You can coast along on such a small amount of food (after having a little and then feeling very full!) for so long and you lose interest in food pretty much altogether.
You sound like you are doing so well. And it's not unnatural to feel tired. You're body is coping with the aftermath of surgery and now you are not really sustaining it so you will feel a bit weary. Good news is it does pass - just be patient.. keep doing what you're doing and don't eat anything yet. It's too early :)

Anonymous said...

I am not banded -- hoping to be in February -- and today was doubting my decision and the wisdom of it. I was wondering if I really had what it takes to truly affect radical change in my life. Your post (and Dash's subsequent comment) have reassured me. Looking forward to hearing more as your journey progresses.