Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 2

I am doing quite well today. I am feeling a bit more sore at my port site which is to be expected but I haven't really felt the need to take pain medication for it. It just feels like a runner's side stitch. I'm not really loving the clear liquid part of things. Everything is just a little blah with it. I spoke with the nurse today and she said I could add a protein shake tomorrow so that's good. Then I'll be able to have a little more energy. I didn't do a lot today other than write Christmas cards. I'm not the best at lazing around and resting. I like to be up and doing things but I tried to listen to my body and give it a chance to rest and heal. Still, I wouldn't make a great patient but then that's partly why I am doing this, so I don't have to be a patient (diabetes, heart disease) in the future. Okay, now I feel a bit better about this. I just have to be patient (now that's a pun) and things will settle and I'll be on my way.

We didn't make Thanksgiving dinner this year. My husband wasn't even unhappy about it just as long as he got to watch football all day. Next year, I'll raise my own organic turkey and cook it for him...okay, maybe not raise it, but I'll make up for this


The Dash! said...

lol That sounds like fun.. raising your own turkey - but will you be able to part with him/her.. not to mention eating it.. eek! Glad you're feeling great.. you do seem to be doing well.. better than expected anyway, so good for you :)
PS I keep meaning to mention that GORGEOUS shoe there ... love it!! Such a pretty heel.

Dinnerland said...

Yep: get that rest in! I am with you-- when I have my band (1/4/10)-- I'll have a hard time sitting still and resting, I am a TERRIBLE patient.
Hope you're feeling good today...

Nicole said...

Sounds like you are doing great! Day 3 & 4 were pretty tough for me pain wise, but after that it gets A LOT better!
Hang in there!

Me said...

So glad you are doing so well! I am as well. Really just the main incision site is sore.

Here's to brighter and skinnier deays ahead!