Sunday, January 23, 2011

Climbing Everest

It has been a busy start to the year and I have been remiss at updating my blog.  I wonder if it was because I didn't want to admit that my progress has faltered, stagnated, gotten stuck in the mud...or because I thought if I admitted I wasn't making any progress in the last several months, I would be admitting some kind of defeat.  I don't feel defeated, but I do feel like those who set out to climb Mount Everest and get stuck at the first base camp, caught up by bad weather or illness.  I know I still have a long way to go and I know that I absolutely will reach the summit...I have just been having some trouble getting out of this "funk'.  Yes, there have been a great number of things that have complicated this matter, but I want to find my 'mojo" again and start heading toward my ultimate goal.  I want to be a healthy weight, feel fabulous and be proud of my accomplishment.  So I need some ideas from my bandster buddies on how to really get going again.   Any and all insights will be considered carefully and I will keep you informed of my "comeback" progress.


Karen said...

one must wonder if it's not just the "time of year"..... I was banded 8/2009, and found that both last year, and this year, that I stalled out from January - March.

Could be hibernation mode..... could be the short days and long nights, could be just that it's hard to be motivated when it's -2° outside.

I wake up each morning, and tell myself I'm going to have a GOOD day, I'm going to eat good, whole foods, chew-chew-chew, and stop when I'm not hungry anymore.

Some days I'm successful, some days I'm not.

You've already changed your life, and are headed in a new, and much better direction. Keep going, one foot in front of the other. Work the program, work the band. If you feel like you're able to eat too much, or you're hungry quicker than every 3 hours or so, go get another fill! I've been known to get 3 fills in a month, and then go 8 months without out.

One small step at a time, my friend. You will get there..... and we're all there cheering you on!

In the meantime.... why not change one of your meals to a protein shake/smoothie? I start my day with a blueberry/kale (or spinach) smoothie, and it keeps me full for at least 3 hours! Plus, it packs in 40 g of protein. A great way to start the day. (albeit..... a little cold... I use frozen blueberries! Hard to drink a "milkshake" for brekkie when it's so darned cold outside!)

Big, warm, slimming hugs,


Nella said...

It is most definitely the time of the year when FUNKS are HUGE!

Just find your word....BELIEVE!

amandakiska said...

Keep blogging, even when nothing is going on. And read other people's blogs too. It is very inspirational. We need the support of this group. It really helps us stay motivated and successful!

Consider signing up for a 5K and doing a training schedule to get ready.