Sunday, December 19, 2010

Skinny girl on the run

Well hello there sports fans!  It's me...skinny girl on the run!  I have been AWOL for five weeks but I have a very good reason...ever since I kicked myself in the bee-hind and got back on track losing weight, I have managed to keep myself very busy.  Between being insanely busy at work, going to the gym to workout,  attending and hosting parties, having my little man's second birthday party and getting ready for the twenty two people descending on us for Christmas, it's amazing I still know my name.  But not for long... I went out to the garage  tonight looking for the Christmas gifts I'd hidden (I only have my husband's left to wrap) only to find them gone.  As I was scrounging around looking distressed, my husband came out to inform me I moved them upstairs into our closet last week.  I started laughing so hard...if that's not the epitome of being overworked before the holidays, I don't know what is.  He did promise he hadn't peeked into the bags. 

Now for a band update.  Little miss bandilocks is pretty tight these days.  I am waiting it out though and have a feeling once  a bit more weight has come off, she'll be just fine.  It's challenging at times though, especially at holiday parties.  Not the eating, but the hiding the fact that I am not eating much.  It's kind of funny when you think about it.  Instead of trying to hide how much you have piled on your plate, you are now hiding how much you haven't eaten by moving food around the plate.  Life has it's little chuckles. 

I hit a major milestone recently.  I have now lost 50 pounds!  Yipee!  And more importantly, it really looks like I've lost some serious weight.  People have been commenting left and right.  It's awesome!  I tried on a very sexy fitted dress and nearly screamed in the fitting room for someone to come and escort that stranger by the mirror out of my room.  Honestly, I could not believe my eyes.  To look in the mirror and actually see the girl I recognized from my university years.  It was definitely a victory moment!  I have a few more miles to go before I sleep but this skinny girl is definitely on the run! 

I have been thinking about training to do a 10K walk.  I have trained and done a 10K run, but a speed walk would be an interesting challenge.   What do you ladies and gents think?  That or maybe a hike somewhere.  One that is fairly challenging.  Maybe in the late Spring.  Hmmm...a challenging hike appeals to me. 

Alright...enough rambling for tonight.  I hope to write again before Christmas, but if not...Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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