Monday, November 8, 2010


First I must fill you in...I didn't write on Friday because a little critter called picorna virus or rota virus or one of their friends decided to avail themselves of my cells to go on a photocopying extravaganza.  Yup...I've been sick all weekend and am only now crawling out of my bed.  I took a long hot shower, threw the bedding into the washer and am sipping ginger ale as I write this.

I have missed you my friends.  My life took on some crazy twists and turns this last while.  I had written some time ago about my friend who was diagnosed with cancer and I am happy to report the transplant went well and things are looking like they may just turn out alright.  I have prayed every day and it seems as though it was not wasted.

On a personal front, I have been experiencing a lot of emotional upheaval surrounding having another baby.  We have been trying for some time and no luck yet.  It seems there may be some need to pursue our options at a fertility clinic.  I feel funny sharing this with you but sometimes life steps into the midst of our weight loss plans and goals and takes off in another direction. 

I have not lost much weight during this last three months and I believe it's in part because of the stress I have been experiencing around these life issues.  I needed a fill but didn't make the time to go, I needed your support and I didn't write to ask for it and most of all I needed to make myself a priority and do the exercise, follow the band rules and lose weight.  I forgive myself though and chose to move on.  I may not win the award for most weight lost in one year but I will win the award for most progress made in how I think about myself and how I think about food.  I am happy.  I am happy to be back in this community and to feel your support both written and unwritten.  Thank you for being there.


Nella said...

Its not a day at a time! There will be bumps along the road!

amandakiska said...

Good to hear from you! Keep blogging! It really does help with weight loss as well as working through all those life issues that you're wrestling with.