Thursday, August 12, 2010

Changing inside

I am very excited to be getting ready to go on our family vacation to California.  I am looking forward to seeing all our relatives and enjoying some sunny, warm weather and relaxing days at the beach.  A year ago, I would have dreaded having to put on a swimsuit but not this year.  Having lost 45lbs so far and more to come, I really feel like I am a beautiful butterfly finally coming out of her cocoon.  I am wearing shorts I haven't worn in several years and choosing shirts that skim my curves much more closely than anything I've worn in this last year.  My goodness, I even wanted to (and did) wear a skirt with high heeled sandals the other day...and guess what...I felt so unbelievably attractive. 

I am changing more than just the outside.  I am changing inside.  Maybe the outside hasn't changed as fast as I thought it would, but on the flip side, the inside has changed a lot faster than I expected.  I really do feel good about myself and what I have done to change my relationship with food and achieve a healthy body.  Truly, the obsessive component is gone.  Really gone.  I feel as though I needed to get around that hurdle first before really progressing with my weight loss.  Now I am far more happy to focus on eating well balanced meals, setting physical fitness goals and taking care of the "outside".  Perhaps this isn't the way everyone goes about this journey, but quite surprisingly it has worked for me.  I really do get it now.  I have absolutely no hesitation in saying that I will get to and maintain my goal weight of 175lbs.  Wow...that's a amazing statement.  It has been a long time coming, but now it's real.


Anonymous said...

I understand exactly how you are feeling. Good for you, and I too bought a skirt....haven't worn it yet though. I do love dresses and skirts

Linda said...

What a great, positive post. It's amazing to see the not only physical changes, but also notice the confidence building.