Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Goal...Did I make it?

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and six weeks ago I set a mini weight loss goal.  I am so hoping I can get to it.  I think I am close since these last few days I have been so tight I can only eat very small amounts of soft food and only if I follow some of the great advise my bandster buddies gave me to cope with an almost too tight band.  I want to stick it out and see what happens to the tightness factor as I lose some weight this next week.  After six months of mostly no restriction, I am very reluctant to not take advantage of this situation.  I believe in another week to ten days, I should be at a good level of restriction.  So hard to gauge though...  It's an interesting spot to be in.  I don't want to stay like this past two or so weeks though if it doesn't loosen up...the whole point of the band is to be an aid to developing a healthy lifestyle, not a prison warden that keeps you in solitary confinement.  I'll give it another two weeks and reevaluate.  I don't feel weak or tired from the decrease in caloric intake but on an ongoing basis the nutrient shortage can really mess up one's body.  I want to be losing but I won't compromise my overall health for the sake of losing pounds faster...I checked...there's no prize for losing the most pounds the fastest...oh, wait...there is...very saggy joking a bit.  It's true took years to get to this point, why are we so down on ourselves when we realize it takes hard work and time to get back in shape and have a healthy body.'s such an uncharted sail sometimes.

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Sandy Lee said...

So right about there not being a prize. Except the prize when we lose weight is within ourselves-feeling and looking better. Hope your restriction gets sorted out. I like your comment about the band not being "a prison warden keeping us in solitary confinement"-so true.