Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hearing me roar

I have decided that the best way to handle the insurmountable number of issues, tasks, projects and demands that are being placed on me at this moment is to photocopy myself and hand it to all the people in my life that need something from me.  Honestly, if I were gone tomorrow how would all of these people cope?  Why I think it would be a catastrophe of epic magnitude.  There would definitely be a world wide state of mourning.  No...tinkerbell...I don't think there would be...they would just find someone else equally capable to handle their concerns....and they would drive them crazy too!  Sometimes I just want to scream.  Don't these people realize I have things of my own to deal with.  I have sacrificed focussing on one of my most important goals right now (utilizing my band to it's fullest to get to my goal weight) to help others with the most ninkinpoopey things that they should be capable of handling themselves.    Well no more I say!  I am leading with a new battle cry...." I will give you a hand but I will not let you take my sword!"  There...I feel better.  Seriously, if I went into detail about all the insane things demanding my attention these days, you would laugh...then hopefully, you would offer me your attic or garage so I can hideaway from these often highly skilled, well educated but completely flabbergasting people.  Enough said.  I am taking a cognitive vacation from these people and their demands and I am going to my happy place  where I am going to focus on getting myself back on track.  I refuse to let them suck the life out of

Thanks for listening.  I am getting back on track again by weighing in tomorrow, calling to book a fill (I think my band has loosened again) and setting a little mini goal for the next two weeks of five pounds.  Ah yes...that's much better now.  Thank you once again for hearing me roar.


workinprogress said...

Love it, love it, love it - great post :-)

THE DASH! said...

Go you!! (Cheering for you!!) Sometimes, we get lost and you have to find yourself again - which is what you sound like you're about to do. More power to you :)

Linda said...

Enjoy your cognitive vacation will all need them sometimes.