Saturday, January 30, 2010

A compliment indeed...

I am still laughing from the very backward compliment I received today. I was conversing with a business person I hadn't seen for a while and I mentioned how the year seems to be flying by and soon it will be Valentine's Day. I then remarked how over time the little packages we used to get of Valentine hearts seem to have gotten a bigger and bigger and now you can buy candy hearts in the Costco size. This is where I nearly keeled over laughing...the said business person then commented "I've noticed you've lost a lot of should stay away from the candy hearts". I nearly howled. Yeah...that's it, those darn candy hearts did me in these past several years. I knew I'd get hooked on those little own little ecstasy Seriously, this woman has no brain filter marked "sifting out inappropriate comments". Anyway, I took the compliment part and ran with it. Even the crazy lady with no sense noticed I am changing ! Yipee!!!
On to other good times this week. I am very pleased to say that my second fill has given me a bit of restriction...not a lot but workable. I am using that in addition to my iron clad girdle approach to eating to stay on the course. I think it's working so far. It does feel good to at least have some sense of restriction. We'll see how it goes and then book my next fill in a month or so. It's funny, my doctor is so cautious, I had to almost barter for more than 1cc. Slow and steady wins the race seems to be their motto. I am getting used to being patient with this process. This is for the rest of my life and in the grand scheme of things, I've got lots of time (especially since I quit
I had wanted to post sooner but it's been so busy lately with work and family life, I will ask for all your forgiveness. I do check in almost daily to see how everyone is doing even if I don't have time to comment or post. I hope everyone is well and look forward to hearing about every one's adventures.


workinprogress said...

Some people are hilarious aren't they!!

It's like those people who feel the need to let you know you are fat (have you ever encountered any of THOSE?) like you had never noticed it yourself?!!!!

But yes - at least she had the ability to recognise you had lost weight !!!! lol!

THE DASH! said...

Slow and steady is def the way to go!! So glad you have restriction of some sort too. Run with it.
Gotta love those back-handed compliments. We all know one or more people that don't seem to be able to say something nice without tacking something derogatory on the end. Good for you for taking it the way it was probably meant - as a compliment (or sorts? lol)
Have a lovely Sunday.

Linda said...

It is a compliment. I'm going to assume it was from a male colleague(maybe I'm wrong), but I got a similar one a few months ago at work. My theory is I'll take any compliment I get at this point. :)