Monday, November 23, 2009

Ten goals.

Well...the weekend was very busy and I kept putting off updating my blog in favour of sleep. I love sleep. It however doesn't love me because if it did it wouldn't kick me out of bed before I can get enough of it. Sometimes I miss those lazy days of singledom when I could sleep in on a Sunday. Now I've traded it for getting up when my son wakes up at 6:00 am and getting a start on my Christmas baking. I must say though, I did feel rather proud of myself when I looked up at the clock and it was only 10:30 am and I'd already make 50 appetizer pastries and the filling for about a hundred more.

I wonder if I'll even be able to have appetizers by Christmas. Whose bright idea was it to get banded a month before Christmas? Mine. I figured there was never going to be a perfect time to do this and I just couldn't wait any longer to get my life back. It also gives me a good year to lose all this weight before next Christmas when I plan to look absolutely smashing while eating one appetizer pastry.

I keep wondering what it's going to be like when I've gotten to forty or fifty pounds lost or to (gasp) one hundred pounds lost. It must be truly amazing to achieve something like that. I liken it to winning a medal at the Olympics. It's something you've hoped and dreamed about for years. I really admire all the ladies on here who have reached their personal goals. It has me thinking about what are some of the goals I would like to achieve. Here's a preliminary list of ten:

1. To run a 5K and then a 10K.

2. To hike to the top of a mountain.

3. To buy a stunning, sleeveless summer dress from a "regular" store and wear it to a party.

4. To sit crosslegged on an airplane seat and be quite comfortable.

5. To run and play tirelessly in the park with my son.

6. To build a lean muscular body that moves with ease and grace.

7. To donate all my "generously proportioned" clothes and know that I will never need them.

8. To conquer my poor relationship with food and find peace with it.

9. To allow the real me to come to the surface and be happy there.

10. To wear a red bikini to a beach in the Mediterranean (in the

Now I really can't wait to be banded. One more day and then it's showtime! I really appreciate all the support I've gotten so far and the encouraging words. Thank you ladies.


Me said...

One more day, one more day...the nerves are setting in here!


Anonymous said...

What a great list of personal goals! I may have to do something similar -- great food for thought.

Heather said...

Love your goals. Had to laugh out loud at #4. Comfortable on an airplane AND crossing your legs. I have those as separate goals, but I love that you combined them! I'd like to take all of your goals as my own, esp the last one. However, #8 for me would most likely be the one that will always be a give and take. I think i'm more likely to manage than one than conquer it. Good luck!