Sunday, March 14, 2010

Summer is coming...ohhhh noooo....

Summer is coming, summer is coming...eeek...only three months before my brother's wedding and I have no clue what size I will be or what I am going to wear.  I will have to have a dress tailor made for me as it is next to impossible to find a great fitting dress when you are tall with curves.  I am going to make one last ditch effort to find a ready made dress in California and if that doesn't pan out, then it's off to find fabric, decide on a design, pick out shoes, make up, decide on a hairstyle...oh la, la...I am starting to get just a little excited.  I just wish I had reached my sweet spot now and could lose another thirty pounds before then.  Can I do it?  Judging by all you superstar bandsters, it can be done.  Oh my, oh would be a major victory for me to have lost 60 lbs total by mid June. would be beyond my wildest dreams to share my brother's happiest day while celebrating my own happy achievement.  I have got to come up with a game plan and fast.  I think I need another fill soon for a start.  Then what...oh my, oh my...I must get on this...time is running out...eeek! 

(The picture above is one of the hot new nail color trends for summer 2010)

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Sandy Lee said...

I love O.P.I. polish. I bought my red SUV based on the red of my toes. Hope you have luck finding a dress--Maybe Red-to go with the polish?