Monday, March 8, 2010

Seeing candy and spiraling

Yipee! I'm back! It only took a week to figure out the problems with my blog, my computer, and my life...hee, hee...just kidding on the last one...that would take at least a week and a half. I must say, I have missed you all dearly and am now trying to catch up on every one's posts. More good band is working! I lost 3.4lbs this past week. After my fill episode, I was happy to be feeling some restriction. Amazingly, just as some of you have shared has happened to you, about two weeks after my fill my band felt tighter...more restriction. Now I feel pretty darned awesome. It's taking my brain a bit to catch up that I can't eat as much as I did the first three months without any restriction, but I am starting to get what all you experienced bandsters were talking about.

I am learning, with few productive burping (known as PBing on the blogs) episodes, what it feels like to have the help of the band. Believe me baby is marvelous! When on earth did I ever have ice cream in the freezer and not even want to have a spoonful of it? The desire to eat for the sake of having something to eat is rapidly eroding. This has been a most amazing phenomenon to me. The one, most difficult thing for me to get control of in my life, is slipping away like sand through an hour glass. I want to kiss Mr. or Mrs. Band Inventor...even if they're old, grizzled and shriveled like a prune from too much sunbathing. What an amazing tool!

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't highlight the fact that the band is a tool and only a tool. It must be accompanied by other changes in lifestyle in order to contribute to one's overall success. It does tend to spiral out though. You start off small and as you use the band, the weight comes off a bit, then you're able to exercise more, you feel better, you don't have as strong a desire to eat to stuff your poor feelings, you start taking better care of yourself, you want more for yourself, you start dreaming big and it all spirals outwards and upwards....absolutely awesome!

Oh yes...the picture...I saw on the "crazy box" tonight how these are made and I thought to myself "Wow, it wasn't that long ago that I would have gone to the fridge to get a treat after seeing such a yummy looking treat." Instead, I saw them and thought "Now that's definitely a slider food". My husband laughed when I told him why I was giggling to myself. I can't help but smile at the changes that are happening. It's been a long wait but I am so happy I made this choice to turn my life around.


at her discretion said...

I was banded 3 1/2 weeks ago and have had a really difficult recovery, which was getting me down today. To read your words about how it does get better (a lot better!) is what I really needed to hear today... so, thank you!

Hi, by the way. I'm Vanessa and I started a blog last week (just like everyone else with a band, heh) myself.

Thanks again.. :)

P.S. Something in your settings is preventing me from leaving a comment using my name and URL. My blog isn't on any of those platforms. Any chance of adjusting it? :)

Elliana said...

Thank you for your comment Vanessa and welcome to our wonderful blog community. I was very happy to hear my words helped you. It can be a tough go initially but hang in there and keep reading. I found that reading the blogs really helped me get through the difficult times. It can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.

I did change my settings and hopefully you can comment with your name and URL now. I look forward to reading your blog too.

at her discretion said...

Heh, you're not kidding about the rollercoaster! I've already found reading blogs incredibly helpful in so many ways.. and it is a lovely community from what I have experienced so far.

Your pre-op weight is exactly the same as my surgery weight (I didn't do opti). :)

It's still not showing that I can enter my name and url to comment.. hmm.. damn..

Vanessa x