Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Today I am a pretzel...

It all started with "Today class you will find your inner butter and flour and you will allow the life force to fold you into a pretzel"...at least that's what I thought the instructor at my beginner's yoga class said. Yes, you heard right, I went to my very first yoga class yesterday. I had taken regular classes many years ago but nothing in recent history. I was a bit worried about how hard it would be. Remember, I had a baby a year ago and it's only been a couple months since I've gotten over the terrible joint laxity (loose ligaments) problem I developed post partum. That being said, one would think joint laxity would be an asset but I was mildly worried that I would end up in some pretzel pose and the whole class would have to come and unravel me from it. Good, positive self confidence hard at work...lol.

Nonetheless, I persevered, walked into the class, beelined it for the nearest open space and set my mat down with a flourish so no one would know I was an impostor. Then you wouldn't believe what happened...I LOVED it! I had an awesome time. The instructor was terrific, the class was challenging but not overwhelming and I really relaxed. The cool down at the end when you close your eyes and reflect on your body was almost as soul nourishing as a massage. I am going to go again next week.

PS They have the neatest names for some of the poses...nothing food related though...odd...lol. Soon, I too will be an excellent tree. If you've never tried yoga and you have poo-pooed it as a bit too ethereal, give it a chance. There's a reason entire NHL hockey teams take classes.


THE DASH! said...

Great going!! Really well done.. it's tough to get back into this kind of exercise.. but you did it! Fronted up and completed it. Great job!!

Amy said...

Awesome job! I suck at yoga. Suck. Sucked when I weighed 175 and certainly suck now. So I am in awe that you enjoyed it and did a good job!