Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming and Santa is going to bring me RESTRICTION! Okay, it looks like he won't be delivering it until the new year but it's good to wish for it anyway.

Let me just say this...Aaaarrrrggggghhhh! This limbo period is driving Miss Daisy Crazy! I actually ate an entire burger today. Feta cheese, cream cheese, cucumber, tomato and all. Oh my goodness...I think I've lost that lovin' (the restriction I felt earlier on after being banded) feelin'. I am trying to figure this out. Is it a good sign that I didn't have much fat around my stomach so it disappeared soon after my banding and that's why I lost my restriction or is it that my band took one look at life trapped between a pouch and a cavernous stomach and decided to high tail it to higher ground (it couldn't possibly have slipped, could it?).

I feel like phoning the clinic and asking to have my fill earlier than six weeks. I feel like I am just waiting around to gain back the weight I've already lost. I know, I know...things need six weeks to heal. Maybe I am just a super overachiever on the healing front and I am ready to go now. What do you think? Patience at this point is not going to be my New Year's resolution...I would break that one faster than the ones about dieting. Truly though, I feel absolutely fine. I just want to get on with this.

I am just so keen to go full speed ahead, it feels like I've been benched in the last period of the Stanley Cup final game. Let me loose dang-it so I can score the winning goal!!! Maybe I should take up a new hobby to relax more about this. How about chocolate bar paper origami. I could mail Hershey swans to all my blogger buddies. Okay. I feel better. I have expressed my self and now I am calm...until the next tornado of desire to get moving hits me.


Anonymous said...

I called my doctor and got my first fill after 4 weeks (was supposed to be 6) but I practically begged for it since my band was empty. I think it wouldn't hurt at all, it won't be alot of restriction but it will help.

Amy said...

Hello?????? Just checking in to see how you are doing!